About Credit Karma

  1. Who provides my credit report?

  2. How does Credit Karma make its money?

About Your Credit Karma account

  1. How do I change my password?

  2. How can I change my username?

  3. How can I change my email address?

  4. How can I change my home address?

  5. How can I change my name?

  6. How do I change my date of birth?

  7. I’ve forgotten my username or password

  8. Can I access Credit Karma from outside the UK?

  9. How to cancel Credit Karma or Credit Coach services

Your Credit Report

  1. How many times can I look at my report?

  2. How does the credit score on Credit Karma work?

  3. Why is the score I see on Credit Karma different than the one I see other places?

  4. What personal information do you hold about me on my credit report?

  5. Does Credit Karma have as much information as Equifax and Experian?

Credit Rating

  1. What do the different credit rating bandings mean?

Short Term Loans

  1. What is the Short Term Loans information on my credit report?

  2. How often is Short Term information updated?

  3. How long will Short Term Loans information stay on my credit file?

  4. I have closed one of my Short Term Loan credit accounts. Why does it still appear on my credit file?


  1. There’s a search on my report from a company I don’t recognise.

  2. Can I find out who has searched my credit report?

  3. Can anyone search my report?

  4. How long are searches kept on my credit report?

  5. Why do lenders look at searches?

Other people’s details

  1. Why are other people’s details on my credit report?

  2. How do I take other people’s details off my credit report?

Notice of Correction

  1. What is a Notice of Correction?

  2. How do I leave a Notice of Correction?

Incorrect information on your report

  1. What if there's an error on my credit report?

  2. How long will it take to update incorrect information on my report?

  3. I’ve raised a dispute, when will I hear back about it?

  4. I’ve recently repaid a debt or registered on the Electoral Roll but this hasn’t shown up on my credit report yet.


  1. How can I make a complaint?

  2. How will Credit Karma deal with my complaint?

  3. What can I do if I'm still not happy?

Being turned down for credit

  1. Why have I been turned down for credit?

  2. Will my credit report show that I have been turned down for credit?

  3. What information do lenders use to make their decision on a credit application?

  4. Do the main lenders use TransUnion UK’s bureau data when deciding whether or not to approve a credit application?

  5. Have I been turned down because of a previous occupant at my address?

  6. How can I improve my credit report?

Confidence Rating

  1. What is a confidence rating?

  2. What does the confidence rating score mean?

  3. When you calculate the confidence rating, will it leave a search on my credit report?

  4. If I have a good confidence rating does that guarantee my application will be accepted?

  5. I’ve been turned down for one of the products where I had a high confidence rating. Why did that happen?

Identity Theft

  1. What is identity theft?

  2. What is identity fraud?

  3. How can I tell if I’m a victim of identity theft or fraud?

  4. How can I protect myself from identity theft?

  5. What happens if I’m the victim of identity theft?

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